AI Transformation

Manage Your Drone AI Programs on a Single end-to-end platform that integrates with your existing platform.

Our Unique Take on AI in Drone Inspections

Defects and anomalies can be subjective and ambiguous in different industries. This makes a universal AI module impossible, given that different inspectors from different industries define anomalies differently.

With the Qii.AI platform, your AI module is developed and customized to be unique to your organization. In addition to a custom-built AI model that is proprietary to you, we will work with you to develop custom capabilities and tools that fit your unique operational needs and business requirements.

Interactive Segmentation in Qii.AI

Our Qii.AI platform provides a generic and efficient AI-driven interactive inspection tool that can segment every anomaly that a user selects, on the fly. Qii.AI facilitates intelligent collaboration between humans and machines, allowing the user to review and confirm or adjust  AI-predicted segments with a just few clicks.

In other words, our interactive visual inspection tool allows the user to interact with the AI system to rapidly improve performance instead of completely removing the human from the workflow and relying on time-consuming, data-hungry machine learning processes.

(Left: Auto AI Corrected Image | Right: Original Image)

Anomalies Vary, so should your AI

The appearance of an anomaly can vary significantly, depending on factors such as the time of day at which the data was acquired and environmental factors such as air temperature and cloud cover. In the past, hard coding a traditional machine vision system to cope with these types of unpredictable changes was either impossible or required thousands of lines of code.

Qii.AI tackles this problem by continuously building on the relevant data it is provided and then systematically organizing the data to ensure accessibility for human auditing and AI retraining. The platform will continuously retrain its model and validate new models before redeployment to reduce the chance of failure.

Create Reports Easily with Qii.AI

AI algorithms are designed to get accurate and efficient pixel-level segmentation with only a few user clicks. The inspection tool can be used to segment any size objects ranging for example from large patches of corrosion on the side of a storage tank to very fine cracks in the concrete of a dam facade.

Our solution not only accelerates the inspection process but also ensures the human validation of the result.