About Qii.AI

What do I need to get started with Qii.AI?

Nothing except your computer is required to begin using Qii.AI. We have included some sample data sets in our trial that you may try out the software even if you don’t have any drone data on hand.

Where can I get help using Qii.AI?

For questions, please email support@industrialskyworks.com.

Where is my data stored?

Qii.AI leverages cloud storage and security with IBM within the United States and within Canada. Region specific or on-premise storage is available on request.

How long does processing take?

Processing time varies depending on the size and type of your dataset. Typical datasets are processed within 8 hours.

Managing Your Account

How do I subscribe Qii.AI?

For details on each of our packages and what features and data processing comes with each, please email xinbo.zhang@industrialskyworks.com

How do I cancel my Qii.AI subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by emailing support@industrialskyworks.com with your account ID.

How many devices can I use Qii edge?

Every single subscription can login on as many different devices as you wish, but can only access one device at a time.

I have multiple users on my team. Are there packages available?

Yes! You may contact xinbo.zhang@industrialskyworks.com for more details.

Qii Features

Do you have a user guide?

Yes, we do!

Qii connect user guide: Click Here

Qii edge user guide: Click Here

How do I know when my processing is complete?

You will receive a email notification that your inspection log is ready.

What happens if processing fails?

You’ll receive an email notification and please contact xinbo.zhang@industrialskyworks.com