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Find Defects Faster

Qii.AI automates the detection and analysis of defects. It is the only enterprise AI  platform that combines drone inspection software with an AI labeling tool, AI-assisted computer vision, and machine learning.

Accelerate transformation with digital inspections

Qii.AI gives you powerful computer vision, machine learning, and 3D digital twin tools that help you perform inspections faster, safer, and more efficiently. Instead of reviewing thousands of inspection images one by one, you can use our photogrammetry technology to transform your 2D data into digital twins. These models show you how assets have changed over time so you can better predict their future condition, optimize your repair schedule, and avoid costly failures. 


Watch the video below to learn how Qii.AI can transform your operations with digital inspections.

Improve the quality of your drone inspections with accurate labels and machine learning

User-defined segmentation and labeling gives you complete control over your data quality. Define your own terminology to ensure that your labels are accurate and your team works with the same data. Every time you inspect an asset, machine learning will train your AI model to spot anomalies and continually optimize your predictive performance strategy.

Train your AI model so you can make profitable decisions based on reliable data

Qii.AI gives you total control over how you train your AI model. Based on your input, it continuously improves the quality of your data so you can identify anomalies quickly. Then, you can take action before defects become dangerous or costly. Every time you use Qii.AI, it gets smarter—applying computer vision and machine learning to understand your organization’s specific problems better and make your inspections more efficient.

Manage people and drone inspection data in a single platform

Qii.AI brings all of your stakeholders together in a secure platform where you can collaborate on inspections. Manage users from a central console and keep your data secure by specifying different access levels for clients, vendors, pilots, and other partners.

Perform inspections quickly and cost-effectively.

Immediately spot defects that would become costly if they went unnoticed.

Improve the quality of your data with Qii.AI’s computer vision and machine learning features.

Transform your drone inspections with Qii.AI

and gain critical insights into your assets