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Improve the Speed and Quality of Your Drone Inspections

3D digital twins, user-defined AI, and high-quality reports give you a 360° view of your assets. Armed with these insights, you can cut costs and optimize your maintenance strategy.

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Get the whole truth about your assets with digital twins

You no longer need to review thousands of images one by one to observe how assets have changed over time. Qii.AI’s photogrammetry technology will take your 2D photos and stitch them together into 3D digital twins. These models give you immediate insights into how your assets have changed over time so that you can spot and fix defects faster.

Computer vision and machine learning will save you time by automatically selecting the best images for your models, such as photos with consistent focal lengths.

Digital twins help you predict your equipment’s future condition so that you can schedule repairs at the optimal time, reduce your operations costs, and avoid failures.

Define your AI labels and improve the accuracy of every inspection

A third-party labeling house may not understand your industry’s terminology and provide you with labels that mean nothing to your business. If your AI labels aren’t accurate, they’re useless. Qii.AI supports user-defined AI. You’ll gain complete control over your segmentation and labeling so that you can ensure their accuracy and drive the most value from your AI investment.

Define the terminology used in your labels to ensure that your inspections and reports are accurate.

Qii.AI gets smarter every time you use it—continuously improving the speed and quality of your inspections.

Accelerate your drone inspections with automated and reliable reports

Inspection reports are often done by hand, which can lead to errors and omissions. They also include low-quality images that don’t reveal the true condition of your assets. Qii.AI’s reports contain 3D models and high-resolution photos that make it easy for you to spot defects that need your attention.

Automate your report generation process to get approvals from clients and inspectors faster.

Use the insights gained from your reports to streamline your inspection activities and boost profits.


Put the full power of computer vision and machine learning at your fingertips

Qii.AI automates your drone inspections so that you can complete them faster and with greater accuracy. Digital twins provide a complete view of your assets. At the same time, user-defined AI gives you complete control over your drone inspection data—from how you segment and label your images to the content included in your reports.

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Manage people and data

Keep your teams on track and organize your drone inspection data in a single platform.

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Train your AI model

Gain total control over your AI model. Based on your inputs, Qii.AI will continuously improve your data quality and help you make informed, profitable decisions.

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See how Qii.AI can make your drone inspections faster and more accurate.