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Inspect Hard-to-Access Electric Power Assets Safely and Virtually

The average U.S. hydropower plant is 64 years old. As hydroelectric assets age, they become more prone to failures. With Qii.AI, you can inspect dangerous sites and equipment using drones. Then, you can apply computer vision, machine learning, and AI tools to identify and fix defects quickly.

Use case

Avoid power service outages

Qii.AI gives you the insights you need to spot distribution line faults and fix problems before they lead to service outages.

  • Perform inspections without sending anyone up electrical poles.
  • Quickly generate condition assessment reports.
  • Prioritize the severity of faults so that your team knows what to fix first.
Use case

Keep electrical substations in service during inspections

You don’t need to shut down your substations to survey them. Qii.AI’s drone inspection software moves your dangerous processes online so that you can see what’s happening without putting anyone at risk.

  • Use drones to get a top-down vantage point of your substations.
  • Turn drone survey images into 3D digital twins that give you a complete view of your assets.
  • Quickly generate condition assessment reports that show you exactly how equipment has changed over time.

Save countless hours when inspecting nuclear assets

Drone-based asset inspection can reduce the time required to inspect cooling towers by 50% and tank rooms by 83%. Qii.AI further enhances your time savings by automatically identifying defects, generating 3D digital twins, and using machine learning to continually improve your data quality.

Perform inspections quickly and cost-effectively.

Immediately spot defects that would become costly if they went unnoticed.

Improve the quality of your data with computer vision and machine learning.

Transform your drone inspections with Qii.AI and gain critical insights into your assets