From Inspections to Intelligence

Our powerful Qii.AI enables a new way to Label, Train and Manage your Drone and Smart-Device Data, solving your need for Organization-specific Inspection AI

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The future of your asset management

One platform, infinite ways to connect your inspection data with real intelligence

Qii.AI is a Full-Stack Inspection Platform


Qii studio

Create asset profiles, process inspection results, secure and share asset information for complete data management

Qii edge

3D navigation, 2D mark-ups, digital asset file, and report generation all from your desktop

Qii connect

Inspect, report, and connect your digital asset information with anyone, anywhere, over the web

Data optimized for True Reality with Qii.AI

Qii.AI structures your inspection data intelligently, optimizing it for true reality capture, enabling accurate remote digital inspections.

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Serving the Energy Sector’s Digital Transformation

Discover Data Value Creation With Qii.AI

Qii.AI is an innovative dronedata solution that fills a critical need in your organization’s digital, assetmanagement and inspection processesQii.AI is a simple, yet powerful dronedata management and inspection tool that allows you to easily inspect, mark-up, and share findings with other stakeholders, enabling better-informeddatadriven decisions. 

Collaboration For Everyone

Create multiple asset profiles to upload, process, and secure your visual and thermal digital data. Asset profiles allow for multiple inspection logs to track asset changes over time. Communicate with all the stakeholders, whether you’re working from home, on the road, or in the office. Share inspection reportsdrone images, asset updates, and finding feedbacks in real-time via our Qii AI platform, or get up to speed in seconds using offline mode in Qii Edge. Enjoy a tailor-made experience for your drone program and make sure your team has everything centralized at their fingertips. 

Redefining Your Drone Program with AI-powered Visual Inspection

Identifying a defect can be subjective, and it’s common for inspectors from different organizations to disagree on what defines defects. Qii.AI provides a practical, objective way that systematically helps human inspectors identify clear defect definitions, decrease their ambiguity and develop organization-specific AI algorithms 



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