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A market-leading AI platform to automate critical infrastructure inspections

Qii.AI is a web platform to remotely inspect your critical infrastructure in a whole new way

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One giant leap for digital inspection automation

Remote Inspection

Remotely inspect assets with 3D digital twins, share data, and generate reports, while applying AI to reduce inspection times.

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Auto Detection

Automatically detect problems by category and material, like steel corrosion or cracks in concrete.

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Data Fusion

Fuse Above & Below-the-Waterline inspection data for holistic asset inspections from multiple data sources including visual, thermal, LiDAR, and SONAR data.

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Qii.AI in 5 Simple Steps: Visualize, Analyze, Report, Collaborate, and Train

We built Qii.AI to solve your real-world problems

When we entered the drone inspection space, we saw a big problem: we could collect massive volumes of data during inspections, but didn’t have a solution that made it easy to manage and share this information. So, we created Qii.AI to help inspection teams find and fix defects faster and better.

Qii Labs: creating cutting-edge technology for drone inspections

At Qii.AI, we got our start in an academic lab and have carried that culture of innovation into what we do every day. We continuously push technical boundaries and come up with ideas that have the potential to revolutionize industrial inspections.

Accounting for defects and scoring asset degradation is key to predicting future grid investments. We are excited to partner with Qii.AI to automate our investment planning workflows. Using UAV-captured data, processed through Qii.AI pipelines, we can break down planning barriers for our clients and deliver greater value for utility ratepayers.

Ted Zalucki, P.Eng M.EngEngineered Intelligence Inc.

We built Qii.AI to solve your real-world problems

Discover how Qii.AI can transform your drone inspections and give you critical insights into your assets.

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