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Latest from Qii.AI: Seamless, Automatic Thermal Imagery Based Inspection Available now for Remote Digital Inspections

By October 19, 2021August 24th, 2022No Comments

Qii.AI, a global leader in providing AI-enabled, computer vision and data management software solutions for asset management and digital inspections, has released the latest version of its platform, which now fully supports thermal imagery based inspections, with seamless, automatic alignment of thermal and visual datasets, allowing inspectors to more quickly and more accurately identify and locate problems.

Automatic Thermal Imagery based inspection on Qii.AI
Automatic Thermal Imagery based inspection on Qii.AI


“Integration of thermal data with a digital twin can be critical to effective asset inspection and maintenance,” said Qii.AI CEO Michael Cohen. “With pixel-level radiomateric detail and features like auto-contrast that make analysis and reporting easy, our platform allows inspectors to pinpoint and address thermal losses or gas leaks much more quickly than traditional inspection methods.” 

According to Cohen, “…we particularly foresee a lot of users in the utility sectors”, a sentiment echoed by Ted Zalucki of  Engineered Intelligence Inc. (“EII”) which has partnered with Qii.AI to deliver the Qii.AI platform alongside EII’s utility analytics platform, Engin. “The integration of a thermal image layer into a digital twin is a huge win for inspection and maintanance, especially in Power Utilities assets where failures can cause huge damage,” he said.

The addition of thermal imagery to the platform also improves its effectiveness in the building sciences. According to John Campbell, a Senior Roofing Sales Consultant with Tremco Canada, “Qii.AI and UAS technologies are changing the way we do business. Building-envelope inspections and reports that used to take weeks to complete and review can be completed and delivered in hyper-accurate, 3D-reports, in a matter of days, and the only person who has had to leave the office was a single drone pilot.  With thermal and visual data integration, Qii.AI is even more compelling,” he said.

Since its launch in 2020, the Qii.AI platform has distinguished itself as the most advanced suite of visual data management and analysis applications available for producers and consumers of visual inspection data.  The Qii.AI platform uniquely enables users to rapidly label, train, and manage their proprietary data to achieve AI functionality at scale.  

To sign up for a demo of Qii.AI, please visit the company’s website at

About Qii.AI: Qii.AI is an artificial intelligence development company, committed to developing deep technology and pushing the limits of computer vision and machine learning.  The Qii.AI platform is a visual analytics platform for the visual inspection market. Qii.AI allows users to securely analyze, optimize, and share visual asset data, and allows organizations to implement customized Artificial Intelligence learning, so as to leverage visual data for more proactive remote digital inspections.