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Qii.AI to Demonstrate Automated Corrosion Detection for the Royal Canadian Navy

By April 13, 2022August 24th, 2022No Comments

Qii.AI, the Toronto, Canada-based leader in AI-driven, remote digital inspection software, has been selected from a competitive field to participate in the upcoming “Corrosion Detection in Ships (“CDIS”) Sandbox, held by Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS), a Department of National Defence (DND) program. CDIS Sandbox will take place at the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (“COVE”) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, from April 25 to May 20 of this year.

Corrosion prevention, detection, and repair is an essential and ongoing component of the maintenance programs that are required to keep the Royal Canadian Navy’s platforms functioning optimally throughout their service lives. The CDIS Sandbox focusses on the corrosion detection aspect of this problem space and provides an opportunity for innovators to test and demonstrate their solutions to specific challenges created by the Department of National Defence (DND)/the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Participants receive observational feedback from DND/CAF experts and potential users.

“We are excited not only to showcase our corrosion-detection computer vision technology at the CDIS Sandbox” said Qii.AI CEO Michael Cohen, “but also to have the opportunity to access ships and other maritime facilities that align well with our strategy of building computer vision above and below the waterline for a whole variety of use-cases. We are hopeful that the DND/CAF will see something of value in our tech and in our AI platform that makes it easy to label, train, and manage complex and diverse datasets. And we’re also proud to be able to contribute in this small way to better the defence and protection of Canada’s maritime interests.”

The IDEaS program is designed to improve DND’s access to the creative potential of Canadian innovators. Its mission is to advance knowledge and concepts to enhance defence capability, create an economic impact, and ultimately, to build an innovation ecosystem for national defence. From the early stages of an idea to the final testing in a real world environment, IDEaS mobilizes Canadian innovators through defence and security challenges and collaborates with them to best adapt, shape and maximize the potential of new technologies.

The Qii.AI platform combines 3D digital inspection software and with AI-powered labeling tools, leveraging computer vision and machine learning, and enabling remote, digital inspections of large, hard-to-reach assets like bridges, hydro towers, and dams. Combined with user-defined industrial specific computer vision to locate cracks, corrosion, and other anomalies, Qii.AI is a fast and accurate training inspection data platform.

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