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Manage People and Drone Inspection Data in a Single, Secure Platform

Bring your stakeholders and asset inspection data together. Qii.AI improves collaboration, streamlines your data management, and organizes your drone images in a user-friendly, searchable platform.

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Collaborate securely with your clients and inspection teams

Asset inspection teams are dispersed and include many stakeholders. Qii.AI brings everyone—from clients to pilots—together in a central platform where you can share information. With Qii.AI, you can give your team the access they need while maintaining tight control over your data security.

Manage all of your users from a central platform where you can specify different access levels for inspectors, clients, vendors, and other partners.

Give team members, such as third-party drone pilots, temporary access so that they can upload data without putting your operations at risk.

Manage massive volumes of data with ease 

A small drone fleet can generate gigabytes of data per day, creating data storage and management nightmares. Since Qii.AI is cloud-based, it can handle all of the data you throw at it and scale as you add new assets.

Securely upload photos, videos, PDFs, CAD drawings, and other inspection-related files.

Capture a continuous stream of high-resolution images using drones or mobile devices.

Organize your drone inspection images and immediately spot problems that need your attention

A single drone inspection can produce thousands of images, many of which don’t provide you with the context you need to improve your asset inspection strategy. Qii.AI organizes all of your images in a cloud platform that makes it easy for you to find defects. You don’t need to review thousands of photos one-by-one or deal with unruly file folders and shared drives.

Search drone inspection images by asset, site, or inspection date. You can also view a map with your assets sorted by location.

Filter data by type, severity, or status to gain critical insights into your asset health and performance.

Streamline Your Drone Inspection Management

Qii.AI gives you a single platform where your teams can collaborate securely, upload files, and organize your drone inspection images in a way that aligns with how you like to work.  

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Label your inspection images accurately

Define the terminology used in your labels for faster and more reliable inspections.

Train your AI model

Gain total control over your AI model. Based on your inputs, Qii.AI will continuously improve your data quality and help you make informed, profitable decisions.

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