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Train Your AI Model to Find Anomalies Faster

Every time you use Qii.AI, continuous learning will improve your AI models and make your drone inspections more accurate.

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Gain total control over your AI model 

Different organizations have different needs and standards. However, many platforms provide cookie-cutter AI models that don’t consider your industry or organization. Qii.AI gives you complete control over your AI model, from the terminology in your labels to your standards. You don’t need to hire a third party to implement computer vision and machine learning—Qii.AI simply works the way you do.

Define your terminology so your team can make decisions based on accurate information.

User-defined AI helps you realize the full value of your data and ensure your inspections are accurate.

Get started with just a small amount of data

Many AI platforms require you to upload and label massive volumes of data before you see any value. With Qii.AI, you can jumpstart your AI program with limited samples. Few-shot learning will build accurate machine learning models based on the data you have on hand. That way, you can improve your drone inspection strategy from the get-go.

Every time you inspect an asset, continuous learning will train your AI model to provide you with high-quality and actionable data.

The more you use Qii.AI, the faster you will spot defects and anomalies.

Save countless hours while improving the accuracy of your drone inspections

Annotating and highlighting anomalies manually is a slow and painful process. Qii.AI offers powerful features—including computer vision labeling, auto-detection, segmentation, and classification—that will save you time and make your inspectors’ jobs easier.

An interactive segmentation tool facilitates defects with semantic masks. Then, Qii.AI’s algorithm will use your inputs to identify the defect, refine the annotation, and provide an accurate output.

A key frame selection tool saves you the hassle of reviewing thousands of drone images one-by-one by selecting the best image-based on thresholds that you define.

Transform Your Drone Inspections with Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Qii.AI gives you full control over your AI models—from how you define your labels to the standards used in your organization. Meanwhile, advanced AI tools will save you endless hours when finding, annotating, and highlighting anomalies. 

And—best of all—you can see results even if you don’t have a lot of data. Start with the data you have now, and continuous learning will keep refining your AI model to make your drone inspections more accurate. 

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Label your inspection images accurately

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